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produced by Chrysalis Theatre Company in 2012


"Adina Taubman delivers a stellar performance as Rae." -- Ed Malin,


"Played with an acerbic bite by Adina Taubman."  --Tamas Vilaghy, The New York Times Local East Village. 


"Adina Taubman provides an excellent portrayal of a woman struggling to hold onto her old identity." -- Victoria Teague, New York Theatre Review


 Interview on WNBC for The Stop Gun Violence NOW Theater Festival, produced by Chrysalis Theatre Company in 2013


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"Author and solo performer Adina Taubman has put together a marvelous one- person show. The play rises up as an example of how excellence can be achieved simply and that the immediacy of live theatre carries with it a special power to possibly transform, but to definitely educate in a most interesting and profound way."--Michael D. Jackson,


"Taubman has audacity and undeniable talent."--Show Business


"Heartbreaking"  --Fiona Mountford, The Evening Standard, Edinburgh Fringe Festival


“This one-woman piece, written and performed by Adina Taubman, presents an astonishing insight, a snapshot, into the contemporary American psyche.”--Dave